Product Spotlight: Trane XV95 Furnace

Product Spotlight: Trane XV95 Furnace

Attention Sacramento Home & Business Owners – Product Spotlight: Trane XV95 Furnace, An Energy Efficient Solution

When replacing energy features in a home, there is a tough balance between efficiency, cost, comfort, and features. In comes the Trane XV95. It is not the most feature pack and efficient furnace, however, it does give you the most bang for your buck.

Trane’s XV90 furnace pushed the envelope for furnaces until it was discontinued in 2008. It was replaced by the new updated XV95 model.

The XV95 has one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. With an AFUE rating of up to 96.7%, more gas is used to heat your home instead of out the flue.

A combination of features to not only create efficiency but also increase comfort & reduce noise…

  • Variable Speed Blower: Furnaces work similarly to cars. You get more MPG’s on a highway compared to starting and stopping on surface streets. A variable speed blower allows your furnace to run for a longer run period and lower fan speed. The blower uses less energy this way. Longer run times create more even heating to reduce hot and cold spots inside of your home. The blower running on low speed also helps reduce noise, not just from the blower, but also the noise from the air coming out of your vents. No more turning the TV way up while your house heats up.
  • 2-Stage Heating: A two stage gas valve works like gears in a car. Less gas is used for quieter operation and increased fuel savings.
  • Compatibility with high efficient Air Conditioners: Trane high efficient air conditioners require a furnace with a variable speed blower. So whether you are upgrading your air conditioner at the same time, or plan to add or replace your A/C in the future, the Trane XV95 and a high-efficiency air conditioner make the perfect pair.
  • Insulated cabinet: With insulation built into the walls of the XV95, you have less heat loss and quieter operating noise
  • Automotive Grade Gaskets: Upgraded gaskets are quieter and reduce air leakage.

Trane also does some things that aren’t XV95 specific but are a good reason to choose a Trane unit, instead of another unit with similar features.

Every single unit is tested before it leaves the factory. Most other manufacturer’s use sample testing. When it comes to issues with a new furnace, there is much finger pointing.

The installer often blames the equipment. With every XV95 working before it is put on the truck, most of the finger pointing can be eliminated. A lot of effort is put into the safe transport of their products.

They have great manufacturer warranties for an added piece of mind.

And lastly is Trane’s Comfort Specialist program. This program is designed to eliminate the guess work of finding a quality contractor. A Trane Comfort Specialist requires a high customer satisfaction score administered by a third party, attend regular factory training, sound advertising and operating practices, and more.

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