Replacing My Showerhead

Replacing Showerhead Energy Efficiency Home

Replacing My Showerhead: How To Know If Low-Flow Fixtures Is a Good Idea For Your Home – From the Home Efficiency Experts At CA Energy Services

Water efficiency is one area that I usually choose comfort over conservation.

Most “low-flow” fixtures that I have used end up taking me twice as long, are twice as frustrating, and use the same amount of water. I was pleasantly surprised when I gave this one a shot in my own home.

As part of the PG&E / SMUD Home Performance Basic Path, customers were required to install a thermostatic control valve shower head in their bathrooms.

Last week I was in a pinch when my shower head fell off (I couldn’t even tell you how)! I went to the supply stock and found an extra Evolve shower head to hold me over until I could get another one.

This was not the case once I started to use it. I love how I can let my shower warm up and still conserve energy and water. It has good pressure and flows for being a low flow fixture. And a surprising bonus is that it’s easy to clean (just rub your finger over the rubber tips). What was originally just a hold-me-over, has now turned into gifts for friends and family.

Pick up your own Evolve Roadrunner II on Amazon, or call us about other ways we can help you save energy.

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