PG&E Launches New Home Upgrade Program

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PG&E Launches New Home Upgrade Program – Take Advantage of Home Upgrade Incentives By Calling California Energy Services Today

By working with California Energy Services, you can take advantage of Home Upgrade incentives by installing 3 or more measures from a flexible menu of options that will earn you points towards incentives and rebates.  The more points, the higher the incentives.  Your rebates and incentives depend on the total points you earn—up to $2,500 for 250 points.

Customers must install at least one base measure and can receive bonus points for installing additional base measures.

Below are some examples of typical options and points.  Actual points can vary based upon your utility provider and your specific home.

Base Measures Include:

  • Whole House Air Sealing – 15-30 points
  • Attic Insulation and Air Sealing – 25 points
  • Duct Sealing – 15 points
  • Duct Replacement – 25 points
  • Add A Second Base Measure – 15 bonus points
  • Add A Third Base Measure – 20 points

Additional Measures Include:

  • Duct Insulation – 25 points
  • Wall Insulation – 15 points
  • Floor Insulation – 70 points
  • Efficient Gas Water Heater – 35 points
  • Efficient Electric Water Heater – 20 points
  • On-Demand Water Heater – 90 points
  • Furnace Replacement – 45 points
  • Air Conditioner Replacement – 10 points

You might want to consider the Home Upgrade Program if:

You want a quick, lower cost solutionYour insulation, water heating, cooling or heating equipment is old or needs replacement. You haven’t installed any of the required improvements.

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