Lockitron Partners With Schlage For Increased Compatibility

Lockitron Partners With Schlage For Increased Compatibility – Apigy Announces A Remote Access Add-on Compatibility Solution

On June 27th, Apigy announced a partnership with Schlage to provide deadbolts specifically made to work with the Lockitron.  One obstacle of the remote access add-on is compatibility.

Although the Lockitron smart phone app provides a compatibility checker, many customers wanted an anointed dead bolt lock that would be 100% compatible.

Instead of producing a cheaper deadbolt themselves, Apigy decided to partner with well known and well-respected lock manufacturer Schlage.

The lock contains features that are more suited towards its specific use case. One of those features is the tapered end which allows the deadbolt to lock more reliably. Instead of hunting down a compatible deadbolt, you can have the Schlage for Lockitron ship with your order for an additional $29.

After their rejection from Kickstarter, Apigy decided to crowdfund their project on their own website. This allowed Apigy to set their own guidelines like not collecting money until the product ships. (A method which I enjoy).

However, that caused Apigy to turn towards angel investors to get the cash needed to fulfill $2.2 million in pre-orders.

11 months later, Lockitron has started shipping their first batch of units. Mine is set to arrive next month and I can’t wait to try it out in person. head to lockitron.com to find out more.

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