Trane TruComfort Systems

Trane TruComfort Systems

Trane TruComfort Systems – Put Your Home Indoor Comfort On Cruise Control For Your Affordable Efficiency Solution

Trane TruComfort Variable Speed systems maintain a consistent temperature with maximum efficiency by automatically making minor, continuous adjustments in output all day long, all night long. The result is efficient, affordable and reliable comfort like you have never seen before.

Consistent, Quiet Comfort

Trane TruComfortTM systems deliver precise comfort by running at the exact speed necessary to keep your home comfortable.

By lowering output capacity and operating speed, they provide efficient and consistent comfort. Additionally, TruComfortTM heat pumps are able to slow fan speeds down as outdoor temperatures drop to reduce cold spots and use of supplemental heat.

What’s more, sound levels are an impressive 55 dB on an air conditioner and 54 dB on a heat pump. For sound comparison, a typical home refrigerator operates at 45 dB.

Trane TruComfortTM systems eliminate uncomfortable temperature swings by staying within 1/2° degree of your setting

By automatically reducing its output capacity and through longer run times, Trane TruComfortTM systems operate at more efficient, quieter speeds rather than cycling on and off to maintain your desired comfort settings.

Trane TruComfort Systems

The graphic shows output capacity compared to airflow on conventional single and two-stage systems.

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