[California Tuesday] Stuffed Seasonal Leeks

[California Tuesday] Stuffed Seasonal Leeks

[California Tuesday] Stuffed Seasonal Leeks

After watching an Anthony Bourdain piece about René Redzepi’ Noma, it really inspired me to eat more local, seasonal foods. If René could do it in the barrens of Denmark, there is no way I shouldn’t be able to California, the home of fresh and diverse produce.

At the farmer’s market, I ran across some leeks.

Leeks were not one of my favorite vegetables growing up.

It seemed like they were always just cooked to all get out in the way of brussels sprouts. Lately this season I have been seeing many stuffed leek dishes. I hadn’t had leeks prepared this way before and it looked like a nice idea. I immediately thought of a stuffed cabbage family recipe that included chicken, onions, rice, and peppers.

I was prepared to put together a recipe when a quick google search yielded this result! Thank you Julia Volhina.

Remember that to yield the best results, purchase fresh organic produce from your local farms.

Enjoy and let us know how it turns out!

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