Now Carrying The Milgard Moving Glass Wall

Introducing The New Milgard Moving Glass Wall… Is It a Fit For Your Home? Learn From California Energy Services Home Energy Experts To Qualify & Save on Efficiency Installation

Open up to an entirely new way to look at luxury. Introducing Milgard® Moving Glass Wall Systems. This innovative solution blurs the line between inside and out of the question. Aspirational yet realistic, this sliding wall seamlessly transitions between dreams and reality.

Typically moving glass walls are only a custom option in high-end homes. That is until Milgard re-framed the conversation. Now you can expand your living space through Stacking, Bi-Fold and Pocket styles.

Plus enjoy the outstanding service, support, and design you’ve come to expect from Milgard. California Energy Services is one of the few Milgard Certified Dealers chosen for this product rollout.

Contact us today to see if the new Milgard Moving Glass Wall is a fit for your home.

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