Feeling Over-Solared?

Feeling Over-Solared? (Too much of a good thing)

Feeling Over-Solared? Here are 5 Steps To Avoid the Over-Solared Problem When Too Much of a Good Thing is Not Good

Big Solar leasing companies are scouring the El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento area in search for available roof space for their panels. Why are they so aggressive in their tactics?

Because they receive the lion’s share of the benefits:

  • Leasing companies receive federal tax credits
  • Leasing companies receive utility rebates
  • Leasing companies receive monthly fees from homeowners
  • Leasing companies receive RECs (Renewable Energy Credits)

With these sorts of incentives, big Solar leasing companies have every incentive to over-solar your home with over-sized and overpriced systems. This leads to greater profits for them and higher payments for you!

5 Steps To Avoid Being Over-Solared

Step 1:

Dismiss the overzealous solar salespeople from your home

Step 2:

Assess your home’s energy consumption (a free service we provide for ALL solar customers.) Often, there is significant room for improvement with inexpensive measures such as proper air sealing, insulation, and duct sealing. This leads to greater efficiency and lowers peak electricity demand.

Step 3:

Properly size your solar system. Our free, no obligation solar & home energy assessment culminates with a specification of an appropriately sized system designed to meet your electricity needs and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Step 4:

Finance your solar panels. There are various plans available that allow for very little down and a 5.5% interest rate. Many of our customers claim that they break even and begin making money on their solar investment in as little as 4 years!

Step 5:

Reap ALL the rewards of solar ownership:

Feeling Over-Solared? (Too much of a good thing)
A different approach to solar. One of our recent installations in El Dorado Hills
  • Tax credits
  • Utility Rebates
  • Increased Home Value
  • No Electricity Bills

Our Approach: Reduce Before You Produce

Before beginning a new solar job, we conduct a full house report to identify any cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades that will decrease your electricity usage.

After we conduct a full solar analysis, we spec an appropriate-sized solar array that will supply your home with enough electricity to meet its electricity needs with clean renewable energy.

This is not cookie-cutter solar—this is a tailored individual solar solution.

Contact us today at 916-737-1107 to schedule your FREE Solar & Home Energy Assessment!

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