Avoid a Costly Air Conditioning Breakdown this Summer

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Achieve Maximum Efficiency & Performance For Your Home: How Delayed Home Air Conditioning & Cooling Maintenance Causes System Underperformance

While we may get a brief respite from the scorching heat this week, the forecast is calling for another blast of 100-degree weather by the middle of next week with no rain in sight.

This type of heat is the reality that we face all summer long, and many of us are thankful for our Sacramento-area climate.

However, for those who live in homes with inadequate or underperforming air conditioning systems, it can be a very long and uncomfortable summer. Even worse, air conditioning systems that haven’t been serviced in a couple of years are more likely to break down in triple-digit heat — leaving families without relief during the worst of heat waves.

The Problem w/ Delayed Maintenance on AC Systems

Like all mechanical equipment, air conditioning systems need to be serviced in order to achieve maximum efficiency and prevent breakdowns. If you are a car owner, you understand this quite well.

Every 3,000 – 6,000 miles you change your oil and filter to ensure your engine is properly lubricated. You also replace your tires when they wear, your windshield wipers when they no longer shed water, your transmission fluid when the time is right, and various other components over the years of car ownership.

While air conditioning units do not require the same amount of service (thankfully!) they do require annual and possibly semi-annual maintenance depending on the system. These maintenance visits are quick, on time, and very inexpensive compared to the costs of letting your air conditioning system “take care of itself.”

An unserviced air conditioning unit will fail to operate at peak efficiency, causing you to pay substantially more on your electricity bill as you have to lower the temperature further to make your home comfortable.

Another possibility that we see far too often here at California Energy Services is the mid-summer AC breakdown.

When a system fails completely, it presents a serious problem for the family who suddenly has no comfortable place in their home. It also is a serious investment to repair an AC system that has broken down. Many times we identify several components that could have been replaced years ago that were the culprits.

Our suggestion is to take care of these issues early before they cost you in decreased efficiency and an untimely air conditioning breakdown!

Our Recommendation — Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance

At CES, we offer annual and semi-annual air conditioning maintenance contracts so that you don’t have to deal with the costs (comfort & financial) associated with an unserviced air conditioning system.

Our certified technicians show up on time, are impeccably neat, and can ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency all summer long.

Give us a call today at 916-737-1107! Have any experience with an untimely AC breakdown? Feel free to share your experience below!

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