Don’t Have an Attic Access For a New Furnace?

Don't Have an Attic Access For a New Furnace?

Don’t Have an Attic or Crawl Space Access For a New Furnace? California Energy Services Customizes Attic Access For Any Size Furnace or Heating System For Your Home or Business

People don’t like having holes put in their homes. Often times home builders don’t think about equipment access during construction. This leaves little or no access to replace a furnace in the attic. Often times homeowners put off or have reserved with having a new furnace installed because they don’t want an eyesore.

We ran into this situation on a recent project in El Dorado Hills. One of our craftsmen created a custom attic access to accommodate our largest furnace, a 5 ton Trane XV95. The door even included weather stripping and door latches.

Ready for paint, and better than before!

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