Is your Home Losing Energy? Windows Might Not be the Only Solution

Is your Home Losing Energy? Windows Might Not be the Only Solution

Is your Home Losing Energy? Windows Might Not Be the Only Solution – Call California Energy Services For Insulation, Sealing & Replacements!

Energy efficiency is awesome.

It makes your home more comfortable to live in, keeps it environmentally friendly, and saves you money along the way. What could be better? Very little. But when people start noticing drafty rooms in their house, they often think that windows are the end-all-be-all solution.

Truth is, there are many ways to make your home more efficient.

Seal up the cracks

Air sealing is a great way to get your home performing better. You might not be able to see them, but a common problem in houses is improperly sealed attic or basement spaces.

Getting these areas sealed dramatically increases indoor comfort while decreasing your utility bills with the furnace and air conditioner working less hard to maintain a proper temperature. Compared with other energy efficiency work, air sealing often offers the best energy savings to return on investment.

Get Insulated!

Is your insulation everything it could be?

Many houses have improperly installed insulation, which, like improper air sealing, makes the furnace or air conditioner work harder than it should. Some homes even have no insulation at all! The only way to determine the state of your insulation is through an energy audit. Infrared cameras can pinpoint the exact spots where your insulation is not performing.

A lack of insulation is not only wasteful, but it’s a drain on your wallet – which should be saved for nice dinners or that big vacation with the kids you’re planning.

You won’t believe how new insulation can improve the comfort of your home while drastically reducing your utility bills.

Energy Efficient Windows

Despite what we said above, you shouldn’t write off replacing your windows. In fact, they are an important part to your home’s efficiency.

Poorly sealed windows let out conditioned indoor air and result in uncomfortable drafts. And if they have a low R-value, even more, can be lost through the glass. Replacing your old windows can tighten up your home, increase its value, and further increase its overall performance.

Get Saving!

Home performance and energy efficiency have no silver bullet, it requires a variety of methods that collectively make your home perform better.

If you’re wondering about where to start, a good place is always with an energy audit. A certified auditor will tell you exactly where you’re losing your energy, and what you can do to reduce your losses. Contact us to find out more!

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