Think Twice About Leasing Your Roof For Solar

Solar System Prices Are Lower Than Ever! Think Twice Before Leasing Your Roof for Solar

Let’s face it solar energy has never been so popular as it is at the moment. The energy-efficiency benefits associated with solar power are undeniable, which has many people looking towards ways in which they can incorporate solar into their own homes.

While much of what has resulted from the increased interest in solar has been positive, it’s important to observe that all aspects of the industry are beneficial to consumers, and one of the biggest offenders is that of solar leasing.

Many people believe that they have something to gain from leasing their roofs for solar energy. When you consider the long-term, however, solar leasing becomes less and less attractive. This being said, here are just a few reasons why you’re better off financing your very own solar panels, all of which amount to a better long-term experience than leasing.

  • The Solar Leasing Companies are Winning — You may think you’re getting a good deal by leasing solar panels, but in the end, the solar companies are the clear winners. Solar is more affordable than ever before, and companies left and right (especially in CA) are capitalizing on this.
  • Solar is Finally Affordable for ConsumersMany people still think they’re unable to afford to outfit their homes with solar panels, but solar is actually a phenomenal deal at the moment. Prices are lower than ever before, and efficiency has never been so strong.
  • Upfront Costs can be HighEven though solar is quite inexpensive at the moment, upfront costs can still be high. Some believe that they’ll be able to save money by working with a solar leasing company, but this typically doesn’t end up being the case. Upfront costs can still be high, and avoiding them means staying clear of leasing companies entirely.

Financing Your Own Solar Panel System

In many ways, the best way to get involved in the world of solar power is to finance your very own solar panel system. Owning your own solar panel system means that you’re reaping all of the financial benefits and not losing them to leasing companies.

Electricity is reliable and can help you lower your utility bills, not to mention the fact that there is almost zero maintenance associated with solar power. Solar can also add resale value to your home, which makes taking the plunge a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in outfitting your home with solar panels, California Energy Services can help you with financing. Contact us today to learn more.

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