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Extending the Life of Your Heating System: We’ve Got the Perfect Solution

Extending the Life of Your Heating System: We've Got the Perfect Solution

Often, people take their heating systems for granted, letting the years pass and not taking a moment to ensure that everything is still running properly.  Even newer heating systems are subject to potential problems, which is why it’s essential for all homeowners to keep things running at peak performance, and a tune-up is often exactly what the doctor ordered.

Milgard Tuscany & Style Line Year End Window Rebate

Milgard Tuscany & Style Line Year-End Window Rebate

Beginning today, Milgard is offering a rebate on Tuscany Series and Style Line Series windows. This rebate starts today November 17th and runs through December 31st, 2014. Get up to $2,500 on Milgard Windows & doors, with a minimum purchase of 5 windows and/or doors.

PACE Energy Efficiency Financing Programs Grow in Northern California

We are happy to welcome HERO to Northern California. We have experience using HERO financing in Southern California and agree that it is one of the best financing programs out there for homeowners. PACE financing allows homeowners to 100% finance energy efficiency improvements to their home (including solar) using property taxes. 

Kyle’s October Nest Energy Report

Kyle's October Nest Energy Report

We all want to save energy and money, right? Check out Kyle’s October NEST home energy report. See why his energy usage changed, and how much savings in monthly utilty bills this modern thermostat gave him last month! Why did his energy use change? Read more to find out about this smart thermostat.

What are the Best Windows for My Home?

What are the Best Windows for My Home?

Choosing the right windows for your home is a big decision. There are many factors that can go into deciding which windows might be the right fit for your home. Give yourself a leg-up in understanding what to look for when the time comes to make decisions. Here are the basic elements to consider when looking at new windows for your home.

Its Time to Consider How We Light Our Homes, Streets and Planet

Its Time to Consider How We Light Our Homes, Streets and Planet

If there’s one thing that many of us take for granted on a daily basis, it’s light. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the first light bulb was only invented just over 200 years ago, which makes it an exceedingly new invention in the grand scheme of things.  All this being said, the ways in which we currently light our homes, streets and planet aren’t without their drawbacks, with one of the most noticeable being light pollution.