5 Ways To Go Green This Holiday Season!

Give the Gift of Renewable Solar Energy This Year: Here are 5 Ways To Go Green This Holiday Season

Many people look forward to the holiday season throughout the entire year, and for good reason. The holidays can bring plenty of laughter and cheer, but they’re also a time of reflection and renewal.

This is the perfect time of year, then, to start thinking about living  “green” in more ways, which you can carry over with you into the new year.

Energy efficiency and the holiday season go hand in hand. Here are 5 ways to put this into practice yourself this year.

1. Buy Rechargeable Batteries

At face value, buying rechargeable batteries seems like a relatively simple solution. The fact is, however, many people simply don’t do it. Using rechargeable batteries for the toys or gifts you give this year is a modern, effective way to ensure that e-waste never becomes a problem. Consider giving them along with your gifts.

2. Shop Online

These days, it seems like everyone is shopping online.

Thumbing through paper magazines is an old tradition that hasn’t exactly stood the test of time, and there’s an element of fun that comes along with shopping online that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Plus, your carbon footprint will be reduced by not having to drive from store to store, never mind the crowds you’ll avoid by shopping within the comfort of your own home.

3. Switch to LED Holiday Lights

It’s no secret that holiday lights can have quite an effect on your energy bill. One way to combat this issue is to switch from your old lights to LEDs, which utilize far less energy than traditional holiday lights. LEDs are the future, and they can be every bit as attractive (and more so) as your current lights.

4. Ditch the Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper and the word “sustainable” don’t exactly fit within the same sentence as one another.

The amount of wasted paper that comes along with the holiday season is obscene, and keeping this issue at bay in your own home is as easy as switching to recycled paper, which can be decorated by your kids for added creative flair. Holiday paper may look nice, but in the end, it’s usually a waste.

5. Use a Smart Power Strip

During the holidays, it’s not uncommon for utilities to be used non-stop.

A smart power strip can help you to manage what is utilizing power in your home and at what times throughout the day, which can help to ensure that you’re not wasting energy and running your bills through the roof.

Take the above tips into consideration, and you can expect a greener, happier holiday season this year.

For added warmth and comfort this holiday season, schedule a home energy audit (or $59 home heating system tune-up) for your Greater Sacramento home, and we’ll make sure everything is in order for when your company arrives.

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