Kyle’s February Nest Thermostat Report

Kyle's February Nest Thermostat Report

Kyle’s February Nest Thermostat Report: Why Did My Energy Use Change?

I am intensely curious about people’s energy habits.

Being a building scientist, most of my day is spent documenting, fixing, and reporting on the energy usage of someone’s actual home. This includes things like how efficient their appliances are, or how much insulation they have.

However, occupant behavior is the largest factor in someone’s utility bill.

Another couple living in my home, like an active retired couple, will have very different electricity bills than my family that includes two dogs, one small child, and one on the way. I enjoy how my Nest helps me guide me to make better decisions and gives me these reports to validate my choices.

We Are What We Preach

The nest looks at a lot of reasons why your energy use can change, from the weather to auto-away.

The reasons below are the ones that made the biggest difference this month. They added up to  -79 hours of heating and air conditioning run time. The difference of +7 hours was caused by other factors.

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