Top 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

“Dad, I’m hungry.”

“Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.” – Fathers Everywhere

Summer is Here in Sacramento! Celebrate The Dad In Your Life w/ Our Top 7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For the Home, his Car or Camping!

In honor of the fathers in our lives and their infamous Dad Jokes, we put together a list of the top 7 Fathers’ Day gifts everyone will love.

Whether he’s the practical joker, the penny-saver, the businessman, or just unlike any other dad you know, these gift ideas are sure to win you a smile!

1. Yardwork

The only thing my dad loves more than BBQ’ing up a nice steak in his own backyard is doing so after all the yardwork is done. Show him how grateful you are this Fathers’ Day by cleaning up the weeds and trimming the hedges, before he asks. It doesn’t cost anything and you’ll get free food afterwards!

2. Briefcase Grill

Speaking of barbecue, how many times have you looked at a briefcase and wished it could grill you a steak?

This inexpensive portable grill is a simple way to remind your typically all-business dad how much you value his cooking, and his sense of humor!

3. Swiss-Army Tool Chest

There’s something about Fatherhood that translates to “I don’t need to call anyone, I can do it myself.” For the true penny-pincher, everything can be fixed with either a wrench or a hammer. If not, it was junk to begin with. Even my 80 year old grandfather still carries around his Swiss Army knife and insists on “fixing” it himself.

This Fathers’ Day, celebrate his sensible intentions with a nifty Pocket Tool Chest contraption.

4. Mini-Golf Mug

This $10 Bed, Bath and Beyond novelty gift is fun for the whole family, until someone swallows the golf ball…

But seriously. I just ordered one.

5. Dad is Fat

A truly hilarious and insightful book by family-friendly comedian Jim Gaffigan, Dad is Fat is about the common chaos in the day-to-day life of the average dad. It begins, “Dear Children, I am your dad. The father of all five of you pale creatures.” and ends with just as much personality and humor. The experiences Gaffigan describes and endures are some every parent will laugh out loud and relate to.

Well-loved by anyone who reads it, Dad is Fat is “one of the most honest and endearing portrayals of fatherhood penned by a contemporary comedian” (Publisher’s Weekly).

6. Fun Spices and Seasonings

When you cook for more than yourself, there’s nothing so rewarding as trying out a new recipe and it becoming an instant hit.
Snag some adventurous and bold seasoning kits from World Market for the father in your life to enjoy!

7. Something Customized

There is truly nothing more personal than a customized gift. It says everything: I put thought into this, I know your interests, it was made special for you, and it’s a creative way to show genuine appreciation for someone.

Whether he’s a new dad, favorite grandfather, or loving husband, check out the creative hub Etsy for something homemade, handcrafted, or personalized for the father in your life.

Happy Fathers’ Day from CES!

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