Nest Refreshes Product Line to Help Unify the “Thoughtful Home”

Nest Smart Thermostat Refreshes Product Line to Help Unify the “Thoughtful Home” – Branding Its Ecosystem For Better Integrations w/ Your Home

Nest Labs left no stone unturned today with four announcements that updated and unified Nest’s offerings. The new Nest products will be available for purchase directly from California Energy Services. The Nest Cam was unveiled (bye Dropcam) with 1080p video quality, a new stand, and improvements on features.

The second generation Nest Protect has improved smoke detection. The Nest Learning Thermostat is getting a software update that provides better integrations with Cam and Protects.

And finally, the redesigned Nest app that allows you to control all your Nest products from one place.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam is the successor to Dropcam. It provides live video streaming to your mobile device or computer. The camera has been redesigned. The stand has a magnetic base that can stick to metal, can screwed into a wall / ceiling, and even has a universal tripod mount. The neck can even twist and bend at an angle which makes the camera more versatile. The camera quality has been bumped to 1080p with encrypted video streaming. Nest improved their night vision to allow you to see the whole field of view instead of just a “spotlight” view. It always has better light sensors so it doesn’t switch to day mode when a bright light flashes across the field of view.

The Nest Aware subscription service was announced as well. It offers 10 or 30 days of content pricing tiers. There is an alert summary that just shows you the video highlights from sound or motion alerts. You can create and share clips and timelapse videos.

Nest Protect

The second generation Nest Protect is designed to help people know their alarms are working. The Protect is redesigned so that it is smaller and sit more flush. The Pathlight (night light) is now even brighter. Using a split-spectrum sensor, the Protect now has better smoke detection. California requires 10-year battery life in most instances, and Nest now meets that standard. The Nest protect now does a self sound check once a month, and you can now run a full test right from your phone.

Nest Learning Thermostat Software

Although this update is not quite as feature rich as the last one, it includes some important updates. Version 4.5 adds safety temperature alerts to your phone. In Sacramento this is important during the summertime if you have a pet that stays at home. There is greater integration with the Nest Protect, like seeing alerts on your thermostat and shutting off your heating and air conditioner in a smoke or CO emergency.

Nest App

The newly redesigned Nest app 5.0 allows you to control all your Nest devices from one app. Each Cam, and Thermostat gets it’s own spot, while all your Protects are grouped under one icon. The Nest Learning Thermostat portion allows you to get to popular functions easier. Nest Protect adds “Safety Checkup,” which allows you to test your alarms from your phone. And finally App Silence allows you to hush an alarm from your device, instead of running over to the alarm and waving your arm at it. Nest Cam is now available in the Nest app. If you have a Protect and a Cam in the same room, you can quickly tape the video icon next to the Protect icon to view the room that has the alarm going off.

If you have any questions about the Nest product line, or need any help with a Nest product you purchased from us, feel free to get in contact with us.

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