How-To: Pick the Right Windows in 5 Simple Steps

Are My Windows Causing Energy Loss From My Home? How-To: Pick the Right Windows in 5 Simple Steps

“I went window shopping today! I bought 4 windows.” – Tommy Cooper

If there is one home upgrade best known for its visual impact, it’s windows. A home’s windows serve as a gateway to the outside world. They bring in natural light, provide fresh air, and add personality to the home in ways that other features simply cannot.

With every aspect of your windows customizable – down to the handle style and grid pattern – it’s difficult for first-time homeowners or remodelers in the Sacramento area to know where to start.

To help narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of common criteria to think about when considering new windows in your home.

1. Elements of Design

When we say there are hundreds of customizable options, we mean it. Designs can range dramatically. When looking to replace your windows or doors, consider designs and patterns that coordinate with your home’s overall style and aura.

For example, windows with extravagant Victorian framework and grids would look silly in a home with an overall “minimalist” design.

Once you’ve established the general design aspect, using a simple term like ‘Colonial’ or ‘Modern’, we can use Milgard’s pre-prepared architecture styles to help minimize the selection process.

If you want to go all-in creatively, particularly when doing a complete remodel, think through the various elements of a window. First, and easiest to remember, there’s the shape.

Do you like the classic arched window shown above? Or the simple and open rectangular windows grouped together at the top of the page? Next, think about the glass style.

Is this going to be a bedroom or bathroom window? Milgard has countless options when it comes to obscure glass patterns, down to standard “foggy” styles or more exotic options, like palm trees or leaves. You’ll also want to consider grid patterns. The little white bars can go within the glass for easy maintenance, or you can go traditional and have tangible grids. Grid patterns are an easy way to generate a strong style when it comes to your windows.

 The windows pictured above feature Milgard’s SunCoat glaze, which repels sunlight and outdoor temperatures to maximize indoor efficiency. The windows pictured above feature Milgard’s SunCoat glaze, which repels sunlight and outdoor temperatures to maximize indoor efficiency.

2. Efficiency

Windows are often underestimated when it comes to energy efficiency, but they play a significant role in maintaining your home’s overall efficiency. For instance, you could have a brand new heater pumping warm air into your home, and low-quality windows letting it right back out. That’s a huge waste of energy and money!

Today, energy efficient windows come in almost every shape, size, material, color, and pattern you can think of, with even more options for hardware, glass style, and warranties.

With so many guaranteed options for customizing the style, consider the degree of efficiency you would like to promote in your home to help in the selection process.

3. Material Type

There are a variety of different types of materials that can be used in the production of windows and doors. Standard materials are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Each of these has its pros and cons in terms of cost and functionality, but they all rank as effective solutions for Serrano and Foothills residents.

If you’d like to see and feel samples of these materials, stop by our showroom or schedule an in-home consult!

4. Size

Often overlooked, the size of your windows or doors affects both the install cost and your energy efficiency potential.

Large windows can open up a room and increase natural light – which saves you money on lighting – but they’re also tedious to open or close, and if forgotten, can become an easy loss of energy.

With that in mind, there are several ways to maintain large windows and doors and keep your home efficient, it just might be a little more than you expected!

5. Milgard Energy Efficient Windows

Low-quality windows result in significant energy loss, driving up your utility bills and causing cold drafts in your living spaces. When it comes to choosing a brand, look for one with a strong reputation.

Milgard has made a name for themselves as a top manufacturer in the industry, with competitive features, pricing, and consumer benefits. Among other fan-favorites, Milgard windows can come equipped with SmartTouch® locking technology for added security, SunCoat glazes for max efficiency, and Lifetime Warranties for the original owner. Milgard also utilizes post-consumer recycled materials in its production process.

If you’re looking for quality you can trust, Milgard is an excellent brand to consider.

For our hometown customers, stop by our El Dorado Hills Milgard Showroom to see our favorite Milgard products in action. We have French Doors, Vinyl windows, obscure glass samples, and much more! Contact us or call (916) 764-3792 for more information.

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