What are Milgard ‘Internal Blinds’?

Invest in Milgard’s ‘Internal Blinds’ To Experience Quality & Energy-Saving Efficiency Features, Including SmartTouch Arthritic Ease-of-Use Functionality & Design

If you’ve ever lived in a home with blinds on the windows and doors, especially cheap tin blinds, you know how frustrating they can be. They collect dust, bend out of shape easily, and quickly become tacky and hard to use.

Enter: Milgard’s Internal Blinds.

What do you mean “Internal”?

Also, know as “Integral” Blinds, Milgard’s Internal Blinds are a wonderfully convenient feature to add to Milgard’s award-winning Patio Doors.

Instead of having the blinds on the outside of the door, where they can rattle and slam if you close the door too quickly, the blinds are located in between the panes of glass, as part of the “Internal” hardware.

How do they work?

Milgard is no newbie when it comes to making their products user-friendly. In fact, their SmartTouch lock and door handle won the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Since the blinds are located inside the glass, traditional operating mechanisms don’t apply. Instead, Milgard created two small parts added onto the frame of the door.

Simply slide the top piece up and down to open or close the blinds, or slide the bottom piece up or down to raise and lower the blinds.

What do they look like?

Internal blinds are similar to standard blinds in appearance and are available in the color white.

The main differences between common blinds and Milgard Integral Blinds are convenience and functionality! See the above picture for a better idea.

To see Internal Blinds in action, stop by our Milgard Showroom!

                                      (This is a photo of the set we have in our Showroom!)                                      (This is a photo of the set we have in our Showroom!)

Are they available in every series?

Internal Blinds are available with Milgard Tuscany Sliding Patio Doors.

Are you interested in Internal Blinds or other Milgard products? As a Certified Milgard Dealer and Installer, we love hearing your design ideas and working with you to create beautiful Milgard products you will love for years to come.

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