Want to Boost Home Efficiency this Summer? Get an Energy Audit!

Want to Boost Home Efficiency this Summer? Get an Energy Audit!

Energy Audits: A Look At Your Home’s Energy Efficiency For This Summer Comfort – Get a FREE Energy Audit For Qualifying El Dorado Hills & Greater Sacramento Homes

Pop quiz: Which of the following are included in the method a professional home energy auditor uses to assess a house?

  1. the building itself
  2. the mechanicals (furnace, plumbing, etc.)
  3. the environment around the house
  4. the occupants
  5. all the above

It’s “e,” of course! Our professional auditors at California Energy Services use a whole-home approach to energy efficiency.

We examine every factor and how each factor affects the others.

There’s never a bad time to get a home energy audit, but mid-summer is a great time to schedule one.

As outdoor temperatures reach triple digits, the differential between outside and inside air is quite dramatic, providing an excellent opportunity to test how tightly your home’s perimeter (or “building envelope”) is sealed.

The tools of the energy auditor’s trade include a blower door – which forces air through the home to help look for drafts – and an infrared camera to find hot spots throughout the house.

What CES Uncovers During an Energy Audit

Using top-of-the-line diagnostics, our team will discover areas of inefficiency in your Foothills area home. The upgrades we suggest typically (but not always) fall into the following three categories:

Upgrading Insulation

A key part of home performance, insulation provides a barrier between the conditioned air in the living spaces of your home and the unconditioned air outdoors and in the unfinished areas of the home.

We provide a variety of insulation options and will help you decide which is the best fit for your El Dorado Hills area home.

Air Sealing Weak Spots

An energy audit will uncover the areas in your home that are particularly likely to leak conditioned air.

Our team of professionals will air seal any weak spots in your home, which are most typically located around windows, doors, and attic hatches.

Sealing & Cleaning Ductwork

Dirty or unsealed ducts can present issues for your home, not only in terms of its efficiency but for health and safety as well. An energy audit will uncover any issues your ducts may be causing.

A typical upgrade will cleanse ducts of any contaminants and pollutants.

Our team is here to boost your home’s efficiency make sure that your bills are low, systems are functioning optimally and safely, and that you are saving energy!

Contact us today to schedule your summer energy audit! We promise there won’t be a quiz – only solutions!

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