Using a Whole House Fan to Cool Your Home

Using a Whole House Fan to Cool Your Home

Use a Whole House Fan to Cool Your Home, Up Your Efficiency & Lower Your Utility Bills For El Dorado Hills Home & Business Owners – Call CES Today!

It’s hot right now in Foothills, CA! If you haven’t seen one before, you should take a look at one of the simplest technologies for cooling your El Dorado Hills area home, a whole house fan.

How a Whole House Fan Works For You

Hot air out, cool air in. Whole house fans are as simple as that.

This type of fan works best in a climate as we have in the Foothills, where we experience a full cycle of cool and hot hours every day. Mount a whole-house fan on your roof (professional installation is best), turn it on during the cool morning and evening hours, open your windows and achieve temperature comfort within minutes.

Once the indoor temperature is at a level you enjoy, turn the whole-house fan off and close all your windows. The fan louvers will also close, sealing the cool air inside for as long as possible.

Depending on the size and floor plan of your home, you’ll experience 30-60 complete air exchanges per hour while running your whole-house fan. So it’s not only cooling your home – but it’s also providing fresh, clean air in a very efficient way.

An Efficient Cooling Option for your Foothills Home

You won’t need to use your air conditioning system nearly as much if you install and use a whole-house fan. This represents a huge cost saving because this type of fan draws only 10-15% of the power drawn by a large A/C unit.

Professional Installation is Best for Whole House Fans

An installation completed by an experienced professional is the best way to maximize the savings a whole house fan can get you. Our team at California Energy Services makes sure the fan mount is completely airtight when closed.

We’ve seen improperly mounted fans that create excessive noise in the home. You don’t want that, so get the job done right the first time with the experts!

Interested in cooling off this season AND lowering your utility bills? Get in touch with us today to schedule your whole house fan installation!

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