Cooling Options for YOUR Home

Cooling Options for YOUR Home

Cooling Options for YOUR Home: California Energy Services Tailors Your Air Conditioning & Cooling Improvement Needs

It’s pretty hot outside this time of year, but we’re lucky here in the Foothills. We have a wide range of options for cooling off inside.

A challenge for many of our customers in our service area – El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Folsom, Granite Bay, and Citrus Heights – is understanding the options and making a decision. Our team is here to help you sort through your options! We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a review of your choices:

Central Air Conditioners

When you think of high-performance air conditioning, especially in larger buildings, you’re probably thinking of central air conditioning.

Central AC systems are the high-capacity cooling systems with a machinery cabinet placed outside the building.

It’s called “central” AC because all the air cooling happens within the core system, as opposed to window units placed in each room. After creating cool air, a central AC system pushes that air throughout the home or building via ductwork.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split AC systems are the smaller, more agile cousins of central AC. Many of the principles are the same – such as stationing as much machinery as possible outside the home – but mini-splits do not use ductwork for air transfer. Instead, they use copper tubing to move cooling power into the home or building, where high-efficiency blowers finish the job.

There are many options available among mini-split systems. Call us to learn more about this emerging, high-efficiency cooling technology.

Whole-House Fans

Whole-house fans are the real bonus here in the Sacramento area. These amazing systems can slash your AC bill by up to 90%! Whole-house fans take advantage of our climate by moving massive amounts of cool morning and evening air into a home or building.

Once the air transfer is complete, the system shuts down. If the day remains relatively cool, your AC system probably won’t come on at all.

If it heats up a little more, you can still rely on your central AC, mini-split or window units to bring indoor temperatures down to normal.

We’re here to help you stay cool as summer continues! To learn more about these cooling options and our other services, contact us or call 916-737-1107 today.

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