4 Reasons Why AC Maintenance is Key

4 Reasons Why AC Maintenance is Key

Ways To Avoid Air Conditioner Breaking Down This Hot Sacramento Summer: Here are 4 Reasons Why AC Maintenance is Key

Proper AC maintenance will keep your home purrr-fectly cool. Plus, you can accessorize your unit with your fluffy friend.

The dog days of summer here in El Dorado Hills and the Foothills area have been taking their toll on home systems, especially air conditioning systems. AC wear and tear is not just a slow-building annoyance – it creates a set of risks that homeowners should consider.

Here are 4 major reasons why AC maintenance is key:

Avoid Total AC Breakdown

The most obvious risk of leaving your AC system unmaintained is that the system could completely break down at an inconvenient time. Maintenance keeps emergencies at bay, reducing the chance you’ll need a costly last-minute service call (though we do offer 24-hour repair service for when disaster strikes!).

Remove Potential Contaminants

Clogged AC air filters create a health risk in many homes.

Once dust and debris have reached a critically high level, they get distributed throughout your living spaces and have a negative effect on indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ can cause allergies and immune system problems.

AC maintenance helps prevent these health risks. A clean system is a healthy system.

Boost Airflow & Performance

Just as you need clean and clear lungs to perform well in a running race, your AC system needs clean and clear ductwork to cool your home properly and efficiently.

A full system check will uncover any airflow issues that need to be addressed. Better airflow saves you money on your utility bill and increases comfort in every room.

Extend System Life

Even if you somehow avoid total AC breakdown at the wrong time, you will want to extend AC system life as long as possible.

Proper maintenance allows you to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty and, in most cases, you’ll be able to postpone system replacement well beyond the warranty period. It’s the smart thing to do for home finances.

Why Choose California Energy Services for AC Maintenance?

We go the extra mile in our preventative maintenance for AC systems. Not every company offers a comprehensive, 30-point inspection and tune-up like we do.

Our professional, NATE-certified technicians will cover all 4 of the risks listed above and will consult with you on every aspect of your AC system.

Don’t let poor AC function make your home uncomfortable or costly. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment!

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