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Preparing Your Home for the Cooler Season

It’s been a hot summer in Foothills, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, and Citrus Heights, but now temperatures are on the decline. Is your home ready? Fall is the perfect time to weatherize. There are 3 major parts of the home weatherization process, each of equal and synergistic importance to the other.

4 Reasons It’s Not Too Early for Heating Maintenance

The weather may still be gorgeous, but there’s no getting around the fact that fall is here in the Foothills. Cooler temperatures are on their way whether or not you want to admit it, and once they hit, they’ll be here to stay for a while. While you’ve no doubt spent the summer enjoying the beautiful weather and not thinking about your home heating system, it’s time to put things into perspective and consider focusing on heating maintenance. 

Uneven Home Heating & Cooling: What’s the Deal?

When it comes to complaints about home energy efficiency, we hear all kinds of different things from homeowners in the Foothills. Some concerns seem to pop up time and time again, however, and one of the most common issues we hear about is uneven heating and cooling throughout the home. It’s a problem you might associate with old home with systems that have not been well-maintained, but did you know this issue can happen just as easily in newer homes?