Components of an Energy Efficient Window

Do I Need A Triple Pane? Low E Coatings? Components of an Energy Efficient Window Based on Sacramento’s Top HVAC Experts at CES!

El Dorado Hills homeowners owe it to themselves to get the most out of energy efficiency, no matter the time of year.

While insulation and air sealing both play major roles in energy efficiency, many people don’t realize how much energy loss can come as a result of old, poorly constructed windows and doors.

Today’s windows, in particular, are far more efficient and built more sturdily than those of the past, and making the upgrade can result in boosted indoor comfort and reduced energy bills.

CES installs Milgard windows, which are some of the best, most efficient options on the market.

Confused about why today’s windows are better? Here are a few of the many components of modern, energy-efficient windows, all of which can result in a more comfortable home:

Double or Triple Pane

Most older windows were built using just a single pane.

Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, are typically built with two or even three panes, which results in more insulation and protects against summertime heat buildup.

Low Emissivity (Low-E) Coatings

Milgard windows make use of something called low emissivity coatings, which essentially take advantage of the sun’s rays in order to enhance the thermal capabilities of the windows.

These coatings also protect carpets and furniture from harmful UV rays, which helps to prevent fading.


Spacers are used in order to ensure that each glass pane in a window is properly distanced from the next, which can have a surprisingly strong impact on energy efficiency.

Argon & Krypton Gas

Gasses such as argon and krypton are often used between panes to further a window’s insulating properties. Because they are both clear, they’re capable of enhancing efficiency without disrupting your ability to see through the window.

Why Replace Your Windows?

Have you ever experienced drafts in your home? Does it seem nearly impossible to keep temperatures stable?

These and other issues can surely be a result of poor air sealing and insulation, but they may also have something to do with your windows.

Today’s energy-efficient windows are far superior to the windows of the past, and the sooner you make the upgrade, the sooner you’ll see noticeable results. If you’re hoping to boost home comfort, reduce your energy bills and stop drafts once and for all, new Milgard windows may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

It’s time to bring your home into the modern world with new, energy-efficient Milgard windows.

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