The Whole Power Grid Can Be Helped By Solar Energy

The Whole Power Grid Can Be Helped By Solar Energy: Start w/ Low-Interest Solar Financing In the Greater Sacramento Area w/ CES!

It’s quite clear at this point that solar power is growing popularity throughout California and the rest of the country.

El Dorado Hills homeowners are switching to solar in order to enjoy the many benefits associated with energy independence.

Many of these people are new to solar and have questions about how they might benefit from a residential solar installation. Two questions often pop up:

Q1: What Happens to the energy if My Solar Panels Generate More Electricity Than I Use During the day?

If your solar panels generate more energy than you need in a given day, the excess energy is funneled back to the utility grid. Many states, including California, have what’s called “net metering,” which means homeowners that deliver energy generated by solar to the grid will actually get credited at the same retail price that they would otherwise pay for to take from the grid.

This is slightly different in states without net metering, in which case homeowners are typically paid back a “wholesale” power cost, or what the utility company would have to pay to generate it.

Q2: How can I Power My Home on a cloudy day?

Another common concern we hear at California Energy Services among those on the fence about going solar is whether or not the home will be properly powered should the sun not come out for a few days.

While this concern may be understandable at face value, the reality is that any power that is not supplied via solar panels will be made up for by power delivered from the grid.

This means there’s no need to be worried about the lights going out just because it’s cloudy, and California tends to get enough sun where this issue becomes minimal to nonexistent.

Why Net Metering?

Net metering may be a confusing concept for some, but it’s more than worth learning about and comes along with a number of benefits.

For one, it makes it easier than ever before for families to afford to go solar, saving many California homeowners hundreds of dollars each year on their utility bills.

It also makes the process of accounting for energy flow to and from the grid simple to administer, which means there are never any questions about energy usage.

Interested in learning more about solar? CES is here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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