5 Facts About Solar Panels

Is Solar Energy Free? Learn 5 Facts About Solar Panels & Green Energy Efficiency Myths & Quality For $0 Down Solar Financing Options Now!

At CES, we often get calls from people in El Dorado Hills who have questions about “going solar.” It’s true that California is leading the solar movement in America, and for good reason.

While interest in solar is no doubt higher than it’s ever been in the past, there are a variety of myths flying around that have caused many people to question whether or not solar energy is right for them.

Ready to understand the truth about solar? Here are five facts about solar energy:

Fact #1: Solar Energy is Free

Installing solar panels obviously costs money, but it’s important to realize that solar energy actually is free and is available in abundance.

While the sun is 90 million miles away from the earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel that distance. Unlike fossil fuels, solar is 100% renewable.

Fact #2: We Can Harness This Energy

It doesn’t matter how many solar panels there are in the world—the energy will still be free for the taking and abundantly available.

We can use modern technology like photovoltaic systems, solar heating, artificial photosynthesis and more to harness this energy, thus powering our homes and reducing our carbon footprint.

Fact #3: Solar is the Future

We simply cannot keep draining the earth of energy sources that are not renewable—there are entire movements that work to reduce our impact on the environment. Solar is currently being recognized as the future of alternative energy, reducing emissions, cutting down on pollutants and allowing homeowners to gain true energy independence.

Fact #4: Solar is Celestial

Did you know that space missions kicked off by various countries throughout the world have used solar energy to power their spaceships?

Clearly, the future of space travel relies heavily on solar, and the more advanced this technology becomes, the closer we’ll get to explore the universe.

Fact #5: Solar is Free of Noise Pollution

Unlike many other types of equipment used to power our homes, solar is completely free of noise pollution. There are no moving parts to worry about, and solar requires no additional fuel aside from sunlight to create power.

So don’t let the myths associated with solar power stop you from making one of the most effective home upgrades available.

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