IAQ For the Holidays – Heating Maintenance Before Your Guests Arrive

IAQ For the Holidays - Heating Maintenance Before Your Guests Arrive

While summer may feel as if it was yesterday, many El Dorado Hills homeowners are currently preparing for the holidays.

Like it or not, the holidays really are right around the corner, and now’s the time to ensure that you’re equipped to deal with the inevitable influx of guests.

While you may be thinking about gifts and entertaining, you should be thinking about whether your heating system is prepared to deal with the falling temperatures that are on their way.

How can you know for sure whether or not your HVAC system is ready for winter? Heating maintenance from California Energy Services.

Save w/ Heating Maintenance To Regularly Ensure the Most Efficient Indoor Air Quality For Your El Dorado Hills (& Sacramento area) Home

Did you know that Americans, on average, spend 90% of their time indoors?

This percentage increases during the winter months, as no one wants to be outside when the winter winds are blowing.

Take the fact that homes are being built more tightly than ever before, and it becomes clear that we all breathe quite a bit of indoor air on any given day.

Many people perform heating maintenance so as to increase energy efficiency, but there’s also the concern of improving indoor air quality.

Let’s say you live in a tightly built home that’s even tighter due to weatherization.

This is an excellent way to save money, but it also means that airflow restrictions can result in stale air building up in the home.

If your heating system hasn’t been maintained, there’s a strong chance that it could be adding pollutants to your indoor air, which have nowhere to go in a home that’s built tightly—except into your lungs.

Indoor air quality can dramatically affect the health and safety of you and your family, especially for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions.

If you want to protect your family from poor indoor air quality and boost home performance and efficiency, heating maintenance is the answer you’re looking for.

Let CES Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

At California Energy Services, we want all of our customers to enjoy the holidays without fear of breathing contaminated air.

Our team of home performance specialists can help to ensure that your heating system is properly maintained by performing a full check-up and running diagnostics necessary for determining its current state of health.

We’ll recommend upgrades such as switching to a high-quality air filter that can improve the quality of your indoor air, save you money and take home comfort to the next level.

Don’t wait to make sure your heating system is ready for the holidays—contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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