Get Rid of those Hard to Heat Rooms

Get Rid of those Hard to Heat Rooms

Have you ever noticed that some rooms in your home are colder than others?

Nobody wants any part of their home to be uncomfortable, but many El Dorado Hills homeowners will find themselves avoiding certain parts of their house all winter long, due to the chill.

These areas are drafty and may seem impossible to warm, no matter how effective your heating system is.

Even if the rest of your home is mostly cozy, these “trouble areas” have the potential to cause you major discomfort and expense.

Prevent Home Discomfort During Cold Sacramento Winters w/ Efficient Insulation Installation, Repairs & Maintenance For Your Heating Needs

If you have these rooms in your home, you may be tempted to simply ignore them till spring, but in many cases, the problem will not go away once the weather gets warmer.

Without proper intervention, these same spaces that were uncomfortably cold in the winter usually become uncomfortably hot in the summer.

So what can you do to ensure that your entire house is comfortable and energy efficient all year round? CES has the solution!

Repair or Replace Insulation

In almost all cases, the inability to heat a particular room has nothing to do with your heating system, and everything to do with the structure of your insulation.

The majority of heat and energy that escapes from your home will leak through minuscule holes found in the insulation.

For this reason, repairing or replacing the insulation around these problem areas can have a drastic effect on the comfort level of your home.

When combined with performance-based air sealing, cellulose, spray foam, or fiberglass insulations provides a tight seal that eliminates these holes and stops heat from escaping.

This allows the heat enters the room to be retained more easily, and allows the temperature of the room to become level with the rest of the house.

Explore Mini-Split Options

Mini-split heating/cooling pump systems are other effective options that can provide your heating system with extra support in either hot or cold weather.

Mini-split systems are: 

  • Brand name recognizable
  • Design flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Room by room controllable
  • Energy efficient.

In combination with insulation, mini-split pump systems can provide extra support to your heating and cooling system.

Also, because mini-split pumps are room by room controllable, they can provide additional support in a specific location without needing to be installed in the rest of the house, making them even more effective and efficient.

Stop avoiding the chill this winter: Contact CES, and let our professionally trained team help you get back to enjoying all parts of your home all year long.

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