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Spring Cleaning for Your Cooling Equipment

Spring Cleaning For Cooling Equipment

The annual tradition of spring cleaning is something that millions of homeowners throughout California and the rest of the country look forward to as a way of ushering in a new season and saying goodbye to the winter months. It’s easy to assume that spring cleaning is just about sweeping, decluttering and reorganizing the home, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that. 

The Truth About Solar Energy

The Truth About Solar Energy

Solar installs will pay for themselves within 7-15 years, according to experts.  Electricity has gone up in price by 33% in the past 10 years. Solar tax credits provide a 30% discount for the next 3 years. Energy savings, tax breaks and other incentives add up quickly. With no moving parts, solar requires very little maintenance.

Spring Sneezes: How Insulation Eliminates Seasonal Allergies

Spring Sneezes: How Insulation Can Help Eliminate Seasonal Allergies

It’s estimated that the average American spends about 90% of their time indoors. For this reason, indoor air quality is incredibly important. The air quality in your home, however, is often affected by certain factors that you may be unaware of. Factors like excess moisture, dander, dust, mold, and noxious gases can not only diminish your overall health, but can also aggravate your allergy symptoms.

Just Relax…with Heating & Cooling Maintenance

Just Relax...with Heating & Cooling Maintenance

At California Energy Services, we don’t want our customers stressing over HVAC equipment breakdown. This is why we offer a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with in a swift and calculated manner.Even the best, high-performance HVAC equipment requires regular maintenance in order to operate without issue for long periods of time, yet so many homeowners neglect its importance.