Spring Cleaning for Your Cooling Equipment

Spring Cleaning for Your Cooling Equipment

The annual tradition of spring cleaning is something that millions of homeowners throughout California and the rest of the country look forward to as a way of ushering in a new season and saying goodbye to the winter months.

It’s easy to assume that spring cleaning is just about sweeping, decluttering and reorganizing the home, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that.

While you’re tidying up, you owe it to yourself to look toward ways in which to improve home performance for when the warmer weather arrives.

One thing that should be added to a spring cleaning routine is maintenance for your HVAC equipment, and it all starts with a spring tune-up!

Spring Tune-Ups Offer Money-Saving Benefits For A Spring-Clean Feel To Your Air Conditioners & Cooling System In Your Sacramento Home

It’s no secret that our air conditioning systems work overtime throughout the hot California summers, which can often lead to an increase in energy bills.

It’s not just higher costs that are problematic, though, but concerns over HVAC system lifespans.

Even the best equipment requires maintenance at least once or twice a year to perform properly for long periods of time, which is where our spring tune-up comes in.

During a tune-up visit, a CES technician will thoroughly check your equipment over for any issues that might exist, adjust loose parts, and clean any dirty areas and lubricating moving components.

Problems, if discovered, are thoroughly diagnosed so that preventative repairs can be made before the summer months arrive.

Money-Saving Benefits

Ensuring your cooling system is able to handle the summer months is reason enough to schedule a tune-up, but there are plenty of additional benefits to tune-ups—namely, reduced energy costs.

Here are just a few ways in which a tune-up can help save you money in 2017:

Cleaner Coils

Dirty coils that are located either inside or outside of the system can lead to quite a bit of energy loss—as much as 30% each month!

Once cleaned, airflow isn’t restricted, allowing for proper cooling levels to be reached without placing excess stress on the compressor.

Adequate Refrigerant Levels / Fixed Leaks

When refrigerant levels drop, your cooling system typically works 20% harder just to accomplish the goal of keeping the home comfortable.

Recharging the system’s refrigerant can put a dent in the issue, and fixing any leaks will typically solve it completely.

No More Leaky Ducts

Ductwork can easily develop leaks over time, resulting in 20% higher energy costs monthly.

Seal the ducts and your system will instantly be more readily able to handle the hot summer temps.

It’s time to get your cooling equipment ready for summer, and the team at CES is here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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