Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Your Vacation

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Your Vacation

With the weather warming up, you might be a few weeks out from going away on your summer vacation.

Will your home be ready for your departure?

Install A Nest Smart Thermostat to Benefit From Better Home Comfort, Convenience & Energy Usage & Cost Savings For Your Hot Sacramento Summer

Whether you’re going away for a weekend, a few weeks, or just the day, a smart thermostat can help you and your home during any time of year.

It automatically adjusts your home’s temperature based on preprogrammed settings or your behavior.

Benefits of a Nest Smart Thermostat

Imagine the following scenario: you’re boarding the plane to head off on your two-week vacation, but you suddenly remember that your air conditioner is still cooling your home to a crisp 66°F.

If you don’t own a smart thermostat, you’d panic a bit and start calculating just how high your energy bill will end up being this month.

However, if you had a smart thermostat, you’d simply pull out your smartphone and adjust the temperature.

What benefits can you expect once you own a Nest smart thermostat?


Owning a smart thermostat is convenient above all else. Imagine that you’re lying in bed, but it’s just too hot to sleep.

With a smart thermostat, all you will have to do is reach over to your nightstand and lower the temperature.

While you still might choose to get out of bed, when you’re not home it’s reassuring to be able to control what’s going on inside your home.


A smart thermostat can learn your patterns and adjust as necessary.

This means that when you arrive home from work, your home will be at the perfect temperature already.

With a smart thermostat, you’ll have exceptional comfort throughout every season.


Using your smart thermostat wisely can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

So in addition to saving energy, you’ll see savings on your monthly energy bills.

Over time, the savings can add up significantly, helping you save for those vacations.

Ideal Home Comfort with CES

Whether you’ll be traveling across the world or across town this summer, a Nest smart thermostat can offer convenience, comfort, and savings.

At California Energy Services, our expert team can install a smart thermostat in your home to give you full control over your home’s HVAC systems from wherever you are.

Will your home be ready for your vacation? Contact us or call (916) 737-1107 to schedule a consultation for your El Dorado Hills area home today!

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