3 Tips for Staying Cool & Saving Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

3 Tips for Staying Cool & Saving Money on Air Conditioning this Summer

Here, in the El Dorado Hills area, we’ve grown accustomed to scorching summers.

Whether you’re living in the heart of Sacramento, or possibly farther east up Route 50, we have some easy tips for mitigating seasonal discomfort during heatwaves.

We’ve laid out three tips to make your home feel cooler without constantly having to turn down the thermostat.

Turn Down the Sun! Stay Cool w/ 3 Proven Tips For Saving Money On Air Conditioning This Summer In the greater Sacramento area & El Dorado Hills

Our first tip is a bit of no-brainer.

That said, if you haven’t done it, you’re missing out on a five-second fix to your sweltering discomfort, and one that will consequently save you money on your air conditioning.

We suggest making sure the blinds throughout your house are closed.

This tip remains true whether you’ll be lounging on the couch all day, spending it at work, or possibly near the lake.

Closing the blinds or shutting your curtains will drastically reduce the midday sun’s ability to turn your home into an oven.

Drawing the blinds also acts as an insulator near your windows, helping your home maintain the cool air your air conditioner is pumping in.

Embrace Your Green Thumb

The following trick for decreasing your home’s air conditioning costs both saves you money in the long run and increases your home’s curb appeal.

Consider heading to your nearest nursery and investing in some landscaping. Planting shrubs, trees, and any tall greenery will act as an external insulator.

This will limit the sun’s impact on your house’s inside temperature, and if your shrubs and trees shade your air conditioner, its efficiency could increase an impressive 10%.

One thing to keep in mind, determine what your primary motivations are before planting.

If your aim is beautification, buying tree seedlings can be cost effective though they will take patience to realize their shading potential. On the other hand, if your primary motivation is energy savings, buying adult plants may be the way to go.

Supplement AC with Ceiling Fans

The Department of Energy eloquently states, “fans cool people, not rooms.”

Fans create a wind chill effect and help increase evaporation from your skin. This means you can turn the dial on your thermostat up a full 4°F without decreasing your comfort.

Make sure you are only using fans for cooling while you are in the room. Otherwise, they are just churning air without an audience.

Stay Cool and Save Money this Summer with Help from CES

Here at California Energy Solutions, our guiding philosophy is to provide you with home heating and cooling services at an affordable cost.

Our expert team can help you stay comfortable during every season while also working to reduce your energy bills year-round.

Contact us or call (916) 737-1107 today to speak to any of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

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