Is A Whole House Fan Right for Me?


With fall on its way (hopefully!), many homeowners in the Folsom Lake, CA area anxiously await the cooler temperatures to come. For some, it’s a comfort issue. For others, however, the summer sun can easily translate to high energy bills due to air conditioners that run seemingly nonstop throughout the day and night. Older, less efficient ACs are especially prone to issues, often not even properly cooling the home while racking-up high energy bills in the process.

Looking to break free from your AC this fall? You may want to consider installing a whole-house fan.

A Whole-House Fan Is 90% More Efficient Than Traditional Cooling System Units: Lower Energy Usage & Costs For Your El Dorado Hills Home or Business

Let’s face it: It’s not easy to get through the California summer without AC on your side. At the same time, however, overuse of even the most efficient air conditioning units can lead to higher energy bills, especially during the heat of the summer months. One solution to the issue of high energy bills is to install a whole-house fan, which is approximately 90% more efficient than a traditional cooling system.

A whole-house fan works by pulling cool outdoor air into the home through your windows and across your rooms, creating cross-ventilation and cooling each room. It’s the perfect option for cooling the home during the evening hours, as with each window you open, the home becomes breezier and more comfortable.

Whole-house fans are especially effective at getting rid of the stale, hot air that so often hangs out in our attics. Cool air moves throughout the living space, flowing up through the attic and eventually forcing hot air out through installed vents. The result? A cooler attic, translating to a cooler home.

Whole-House Fan + AC = Winning Combo

When the summer sun is really blazing outside, your AC becomes somewhat of a necessity. Once the sun goes down, however, you can save quite a bit of energy and money by switching-off the AC and instead utilizing a whole-house fan. Benefits of a whole-house fan include:

  • Cool, Comfortable Sleeping Conditions
  • Dramatically Reduced Cooling Costs
  • Regular Clean Air Exchange
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Enhanced Home Performance

Once a whole-house fan is turned on, you can expect your living space to instantly feel about 10 degrees cooler, making it an excellent tool for taking indoor comfort to the next level quickly and effectively.

Ready to see what a whole-house fan can do for your home? The team at California Energy Services is here to help.

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