Don’t Think You Can Afford to Go Solar? Think Again.

Don't Think You Can Afford Solar? Think Again.

Take a drive around the Sacramento area, and chances are that you’ll notice that plenty of homeowners are currently embracing solar technology. Solar is the ultimate in clean energy, allowing homeowners to break free from the confines of the grid and generate their very own electricity on a daily basis.

A lot of people, however, believe that solar is out of their reach. If you don’t think you can afford solar, you may be surprised to find out that the technology is more affordable today than ever before.

Solar Financing Solutions w/ Rebates, Savings & Tax Credit Benefits While You Save On Energy Usage & Costs w/ CES – Your Top Sacramento Solar Installer

When discussing the cost of solar power, it’s important to take into consideration both the short and long-term aspects. While installing solar will require an upfront investment, that investment will continue to pay for itself over time and there are a variety of financing, rebate, and tax credit options to take advantage of.

You can borrow up to 15% of your property value to install solar or make other energy efficiency upgrades. There are no upfront fees and you’ll simply pay back the amount due on your property tax bill over time.

Another form of PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing, mPOWER lets you pay for your solar installation on your home’s property tax bill.

  • GreenSky

Flexible financing options and high approval rates of home improvements like solar make GreenSky a great option.

  • Additional Rebate & Financing options

In addition to these financing solutions, inquire whether there are any energy rebates you can factor in, and don’t forget about the federal solar tax credit! When you buy your solar installation, you’ll be able to get 30% of the total cost back your federal tax return.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Given the financing options available for those interested in going solar, even a small number of benefits would make it worthwhile to move forward with an install. The fact is that installing a solar array is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your home, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Independence from Power Rate Increases
  • Low-to-no Maintenance
  • Lowered Carbon Footprint

Many homeowners begin to see the benefits of a solar system as soon as the work has been completed.

CES: Your Sacramento Solar Experts

At California Energy Services, we truly believe in the power of solar to become a widely adopted form of renewable, sustainable energy. Our team is passionate about technology, and we take pride in keeping up with the latest advancements in solar to provide our customers with the utmost knowledge and expertise.

Questions about solar financing? We’re here to answer them. Contact us or call (916) 737-1107 today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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