Your Fall Home Efficiency & Performance Checklist!

Fall Home Performance Checklist!

Fall Into The Season w/ Our Quick Guide To Your Home Efficiency & Performance Checklist: Save Money & Lower Energy Usage In the Greater Sacramento Area & El Dorado Hills

With summer at an end, it’s time to not only get the kids back to school, but it’s also time to check your home performance level and how efficient your heating and cooling system is running.

Could you be saving a ton of money by fixing air leaks in the attic? Could my energy usage be reduced by regularly inspecting the furnace heater? Should I install new windows in my home?

Our answer to all of that is…YES!

You could be saving, on average, 10% of your utility cost by fixing and sealing cracks and gaps in caulking and any other weather stripping material.

While residents in the Sacramento area may not experience extremely cold temperatures when reaching the winter months, your home may still experience repairs and fixes due to weathering, especially in the El Dorado Hills area. Discover how you can upgrade your efficiency with our Fall home efficiency and performance checklist!

Safety-Check Your Chimney

  • Survey any structural damage.
  • Find anything blocking the chimney.
  • Make sure the damper is working.

Identify & Seal Air Leaks

  • Hire a professional to air seal.
  • Alternatively, use caulk or weather stripping materials to seal cracks and gaps in your home.

Inspect Your Gutters

  • Protect your gutters with mesh.
  • Clean your gutters, ideally in late summer or early fall.

Repair Or Upgrade Your Windows

  • Repair and seal any older or damaged windows.
  • Consider new Milgard replacement windows for superior energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

Clean Your Filters

  • Clean any disposable foam filters.
  • Make sure to toss any used disposables.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

  • Schedule an annual fall furnace inspection.
  • Stay consistent with inspections for best results.

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