Should You Get Replacement or New Construction Windows?

Should You Get Replacement or New Construction Windows?

Let’s say you’re planning to build an addition onto your home.

It’s going to hold a brand new kitchen, complete with beautiful new windows to let plenty of sunlight in.

While the addition is in progress, you’re also planning to replace the windows in your existing dining room to match those in the new addition. Will it be possible to find matching replacement windows for your dining room, or will your dining room need new construction windows as well?

What is a replacement window versus a new construction window, anyway?

Window installation can get complicated, and these types of questions are all too common in home remodeling projects.

When deciding between replacement windows and new construction windows for your home, be sure to consider what your goals are with new windows and what the benefits are of each type of window.

Replacement vs. New Construction Windows: When To Replace Or Install New Windows So Your El Dorado Hills Home Isn’t Only Beautiful But Affordably Energy Efficient Too!

A replacement window is a new window designed to be installed within an existing window frame. No exterior materials of the home need to be removed; only the window itself is replaced.

A new construction window, on the other hand, is a window designed to be installed in a new home or a new addition to a home. This type of window has a corresponding nail fin frame, which is nailed directly to the framing of your home.

In some situations, you may choose to install new construction windows in an old home.

When to Choose Replacement Windows

In most situations when you are replacing old windows on a home, it makes the most sense to use replacement windows.

As you can imagine, installing replacement windows is quicker and less invasive.

It also tends to be less expensive because less labor and fewer materials are involved. If you are worried about finding replacement windows to match the other windows in your home, keep in mind that window manufacturers like Milgard offer a variety of replacement window styles to suit any aesthetic.

When to Choose New Construction Windows

You may choose to replace old windows with new construction windows if there is any damage to the window frame or studs surrounding the window.

You might opt for new construction windows if you also happen to be replacing stucco or siding along with your window installation. The process of installing a new construction window is more involved, as a contractor must remove the exterior materials around the window to expose the studs and install the new window.

A contractor must also ensure an exact match of the home’s exterior materials.

Choosing the right windows for your home can be difficult. Fortunately, the right contractor will help you find the right solution for your home.

If you’re considering replacement or new construction windows for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at California Energy Services. We help homeowners in the Sacramento area install windows that are not only beautiful but also energy efficient.

Considering replacement or new construction windows for your home? Contact us or call (916) 737-1107 to find the right windows for your home!

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