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Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season

Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season w/ Preventive Heater Maintenance!

The holidays are fast approaching. You may have time off scheduled and might be having family and friends come to stay. While you may be ready for a break and some quality time with your loved ones, your home may not be prepared.



Preventive Maintenance for Worry-Free Winters

Preventive Maintenance for a Worry-Free Winter

The last thing anyone wants in the middle of the holiday season is to have an HVAC system breakdown that leaves them in the cold and requires costly emergency heating repairs.There’s a good way to avoid most unexpected HVAC mishaps in your Sacramento area, California, home. Preventive maintenance is a smart policy for many things, including your car and even your health, and it’s an excellent safeguard against inconvenient heating system breakdowns, too.