Do My Solar Panels Need Spring Cleaning?

Do My Solar Panels Need Spring Cleaning? - CES Pro - El Dorado Hills, CA

It’s not spring just yet, but there are signs that warmer days are on their way. You might already be tired of spending so much time indoors and ready for a refresh. Although it takes effort, it’s always rewarding when you can pull out your new season wardrobe and give your home a deep clean. It feels great to get rid of any dust that’s gathered inside, but your home’s exterior might need a spring clean too.

Prolong The Life & Efficiency Of Your Solar Panels with Some Spring Cleaning: Low Maintenance Solar Panel Cleaning & Care Tips

Whether you already have solar panels or are just starting to thinking about starting a solar installation, you might be wondering if your panels need to be cleaned.

Solar Panel Maintenance

If you’ve had solar panels for quite some time or are still considering going solar, it’s beneficial to remember that your solar panels won’t need much (if any) maintenance.

Solar panels are built to last. In fact, most manufacturers provide a 25-year warranty so you can rest assured that your solar system will keep generating power when you need it for decades.

The only time your solar panels might need to be cleaned is if a large amount of debris has gathered, however, frequently the wind and weather take care of cleaning your solar panels naturally.

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Although it’s highly unlikely your solar panels actually need to be cleaned, it’s good to know how to take care of them in case they really do need it.

The best time to clean your solar panels is in the early morning or evening to ensure any water you use to clean them doesn’t evaporate too quickly — it will also help you stay safe since when the sun is beating down (even if it’s not all that hot outside) your roof can get dangerously hot.

When cleaning your solar panels, you shouldn’t use any soap or detergents to scrub your panels as this can scratch them, and ultimately reduce their efficiency. In fact, cleaning your panels can be as simple as hosing them down with water and maybe using a delicate tool like a squeegee on any tougher to clean spots.

CES Is Your El Dorado Hills Area Solar Installers

Getting your home in the El Dorado Hills area ready for spring doesn’t have to be difficult when you have solar. It’s likely you won’t have to do anything to prepare since solar requires extremely little maintenance throughout the lifetime of your panels.

If you’re just thinking about installing solar for your home, the team at California Energy Services can help. Our experts will design a system suited to your needs so that you can save money on your bills while also saving the environment. We’ll also make sure you take advantage of the financing and rebate options currently available.

Speak to a solar expert today by contacting us or calling (916) 737-1107. We have answers to all of your questions!

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