5 Things You Should Consider As a New Homeowner

5 Things You Should Consider As a New Homeowner

So you’ve bought a new home (or new to your home)! Are you finally putting apartment-life behind you?

Or have you passed your starter home off to someone new after purchasing your dream home?

Perhaps a new job has brought you to beautiful Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, or Placerville, CA.

Whatever the case, the excitement of a new home comes with a long to-do list that includes packing up the belongings and organizing your new life with a fresh start.

What New El Dorado Hills Homeowners Should Consider For Home Energy Efficiency & Performance All Year Long

At California Energy Services, we wanted to help by making sure you don’t miss any of the big to-do’s — from the new local fare to your home performance considerations.

So, here are 5 things you should consider as you settle into your new home.

1. What Are The Nearby Schools?

If you have kids (or are planning to in the future), your home’s proximity to the nearby schools has a huge impact on not only your child’s life but also your daily commute.

If you haven’t already gotten the lowdown on local schools, check with your builder or realtor — they should be on the up and up when it comes to local education.

You can also take a walk over to meet your new neighbors and get their take!

2. Where’s the Nearest Grocery Store?

Unless you have your meals delivered to you hot-n-ready every night, you are going to be making multiple trips to the grocery store. So when you just need to go buy a bag of sugar for an impromptu late night chocolate chip cookie baking session, where is the nearest Safeway?

If your family is exclusively organic, try Nuggets in El Dorado Hills or Sprouts in Citrus Heights.

3. Where Can You Get a Good Latte?

64% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day. But not every cup of coffee is brewed equal! So what are the best places nearby to grab a “cup of joe”?

If you live in Folsom, you should try out the Coffee Republic for a hot morning brew, and maybe a mimosa to go with a delicious sandwich.

Or, if you’re in El Dorado and looking for something sweet to go with your coffee, try Zia’s Gelato.

If you’re on the go and need a complete caffeine overload served up with a side of loud electronic music, you’re never too far away from a Dutch Bros hut!

4. How Old Is the HVAC System?

If you are moving into a home that is more than 5 years old, make sure to check on the condition of the furnace and air conditioner (and all other systems associated with your home’s heating and cooling).

Maintaining your HVAC system will set your family up for sustained home comfort and save you from spending more than you need to on your energy bills each month.

Scheduling a home energy audit with the local experts at California Energy Services is imperative to understand how your home heating and cooling system are functioning inside if your home.

An energy audit will uncover what common problems may be affecting your older HVAC system, including:

  • Improperly installed, leaky ductwork
  • Outdated, inefficient heating & AC equipment
  • An improperly sized air conditioner
  • Neglected air filters in need of replacement

Depending on the shape of your equipment, it may be more financially beneficial in the long run to install a new furnace or air conditioning unit or to supplement your undersized appliances with a mini-split heat pump.

Either way, scheduling your HVAC maintenance soon after your move-in date will ensure that your home is performing at its best from the get-go.

This is also the perfect time to sign up for a yearly HVAC maintenance plan to take the guesswork out of keeping your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

5. What Does Your Home’s Insulation Look Like?

Another benefit to scheduling an energy audit with California Energy Services is understanding of the condition of your new home’s insulation.

Using the latest in diagnostic technology, we can determine exactly where there are insulation deficiencies and how they will affect your home as a whole.

If your attic and basement are not properly insulated and air sealed, unconditioned air and unwanted temperatures are going to infiltrate your living space and add strain to your HVAC equipment.

This will keep your energy bills higher than they need to be and increase the wear and tear on your heating and cooling equipment!

From Eastern Sacramento to the Sierra Foothills – Trust the Locals at California Energy Services

When it comes to getting the lay of the land in your new home, there’s no substitute for talking to the locals.

The same goes for your home performance, home comfort, and energy efficiency needs!

California Energy Services is proud to be the go-to local experts from Citrus Heights to Placerville, CA, and every place in between.

So after you’ve got the kids off to their new school, and you’ve picked up your latte to-go, call the pros at California Energy Services so you can rest easy in knowing the experts have got you covered!

Stay comfortable all year in your new home, for less!

Conserve energy in a better performing home with the local El Dorado Hills experts at California Energy Services. Call us at 916-737-1107 or connect with us today!

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