The Importance of a Fall HVAC Tune Up — It’s Never Too Early!

The Importance of a Fall HVAC Tune Up — It’s Never Too Early!

Some years it can feel like if you blink, you might miss the fall colors here in the greater Sacramento area.

This time of year brings pumpkin spice, homecoming games (or HoCo, as the kids are calling it now) and planning for the neighborhood Halloween party—and though this year’s costume plans might be a nightmare, you don’t want your unattended HVAC equipment to keep you up at night!

The Importance of a Fall HVAC Tune-Up: Prevent Furnace or Air Conditioner Emergency w/ Affordable Preventive Maintenance Plans

It’s never too early to schedule your HVAC tune-up for energy savings throughout fall and winter and peace of mind when it comes to staying comfortable in your own home.

What Could Go Wrong With My HVAC Equipment?

As the El Dorado Hills heat starts to slowly fade through September and October, the cool air coming out of the vents from your air conditioner will start to transition to the hotter air of your heater or furnace—a furnace that has been sitting unused for the summer months.

Over that period of time, your furnace has been sitting dormant, and there can be a number of wear and tear issues that will lead to an expensive and untimely heating emergency as you fire it up again come winter, like:

  • Unhealthy dust and debris buildup
  • Dangerous fuel leaks
  • Inefficient holes in your ductwork
  • Loosened electrical connections

If you have a furnace that runs on natural gas, loose connections and leaks can pose a threat to the health of your home as well.

Carbon monoxide is a common byproduct of a furnace in need of service, so not only is it costing you more money to run but it could be making you and your family sick without your knowledge!

One of the common questions that California Energy Services gets from our customers is “how often do you recommend I schedule maintenance for my HVAC system?”

Our answer: twice a year, usually as seasons are changing.

And the best way to ensure that you don’t lapse in your maintenance is with our residential maintenance plan.

Get Ahead of the Game w/ an HVAC Tune-Up

The obvious benefit of making sure your HVAC equipment is in tip-top shape is that you are dramatically decreasing your risk of an unexpected breakdown.

But when both your heating and cooling equipment are running as efficiently as possible, you are spending less on your energy bills to keep your home comfortable as the season changes from summer to fall!

The earlier you schedule your tune-up, the more you can save.

Make sure you schedule your HVAC maintenance and service with the whole-home experts in El Dorado Hills at California Energy Services before fall is here to stay!

Stay comfortable at home as both the leaves and the temperatures fall in El Dorado Hills.

Trust your HVAC maintenance with the home comfort specialists at California Energy Services! Call 916-737-1107 or contact us to schedule your HVAC tune-up.

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