High Quality Windows: So Much More Than a Pretty Face

Many different pieces combine to make your home in the El Dorado Hills area both beautiful and comfortable.

A big part of your home’s beauty lies in its windows; they fill your interiors with light and allow a view of the outside world.

High-quality Milgard windows from California Energy Services can add a unique aesthetic while transforming your home’s comfort and improving efficiency.

Do My Windows Need a Facelift? Invest in Quality Windows To Improve Your Home Efficiency & Save Money

Did you know that old, unattractive windows can be costing you money?

These windows can be a source of lost energy efficiency and comfort for several reasons:

  • Single-paned glass
  • Poor installation
  • Air leakage around the frame
  • Inability to open or close easily
  • Inability to open or close completely
  • Poor insulation or sealing around the frame

If your home’s windows have any of these symptoms, it’s likely time to consider new windows from Milgard, a leader in windows that provide both beauty and energy efficiency.

Invest in High-Quality Windows to Reap Real Savings

Windows are an important component of your home’s energy efficiency profile.

Poorly installed, old or leaky windows can steal your expensive conditioned air and increase your home’s energy bills.

The window specialists at California Energy Services can help you select energy efficient and stylish windows from Milgard.

You’ll notice the air conditioning savings immediately on your energy bills with your new quality windows.

Experience Improved Home Comfort with Milgard Windows

You can enjoy a comfortable home once more with stylish double- or triple-paned construction and enhanced window features designed for your home’s specific climate.

Upgrading your old windows will keep each room comfortable year round by improving indoor air quality, protecting from damaging UV light, and providing easy operation for everyone.

Looking to Sell? New Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re hoping to increase your home’s marketability, upgrading with high-quality windows from Milgard will add to your home’s curb appeal.

Beautiful new windows are a feature that homebuyers can see and touch, and that can add to your home’s aesthetics.

First impressions are so important in selling homes in competitive markets as we experience in the Folsom area — why not wow buyers with stunning new windows?

You’ll increase interest and activity with an investment in attractive, energy efficient windows installed by your window resource, California Energy Services.

Financial Benefits for Window Upgrades

For homeowners in the greater Sacramento, Granite Bay, and Citrus Heights areas, there are affordable financing options for replacing windows and improving efficiency.

CaliforniaFirst PACE Financing can make it easy to start saving money with beautiful high-quality windows installed by our professional window replacement crews.

Give your home a new look and save energy too! New, high-quality windows can transform your home. Call 916-458-0201 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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