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Increase Your El Dorado Hills Home Energy Efficiency With Air Sealing To Lower Bills & Improve Indoor Air Quality For Year-Round Comfort

Air sealing is the least well-known of all of our energy saving services. We think this is a real shame because it is the most important one!

Air sealing focuses on improving the building envelope – the material that separates your indoor environment from the outside. From the attic to the crawlspaces, we focus on small gaps in the envelope that allow conditioned air to escape and outside air to infiltrate. This unconditioned air makes you feel uncomfortable during the summer and winter, increases your energy bills, and even contributes to poor indoor air quality.

Air sealing plugs those gaps and reduces the amount of air escaping to the outside.

When paired with insulation, air sealing has numerous benefits:

  • Decreased Energy Bills
  • Improved Comfort
  • Decreased Drafts
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Less Dust
  • Less Moisture & Mold Growth

Measuring Your Home Efficiency Success

We want to be held accountable by you. The success of air sealing is easily measured with our blower door test. With our blower door test, we depressurize your home and record the number of air changes per hour. We do this before and after air sealing to record how much of a difference our air sealing measures are having on your home.

Why Air Sealing Matters When Insulating Your Home

Many Sacramento area homeowners come to us asking about our quality insulation services. They want a more efficient home and think insulation will achieve their goals. They are only partially correct.

Insulation without proper air sealing is a waste of money.

Insulation does not keep air from passing through it. In fact, insulation can be rendered useless if there is too much air flow. By air sealing with non-porous fabrics and spray foam, you can keep outside air from infiltrating into your home and help contain conditioned air indoors. The benefit of air sealing is that it allows your insulation and energy efficient heating and cooling systems to operate at peak efficiency.

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