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Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade

Reduce PG&E Bills, Save Energy & Earn Up To $6,500 In Rebates For Home Comfort & Efficiency For Decades Year-Round

Get up to $6500 in rebates from Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Home Upgrade for proven, energy-saving improvements to your home! You may qualify for up to $6,500 in rebates from PG&E. Give us a call today at 916-764-3792 for a 100% free, no obligation home energy audit.

The CHF Residential Energy Retrofit Program

As part of the Home Upgrade program, The California Home Finance Authority (CHF) Residential Energy Retrofit Program aims at providing full financing for home energy efficiency upgrades with a fixed 6.5% interest rate. Applicants are eligible for up to $6,500 in program rebates from PG&E.

With financing from CHF, often our customers pay less per month in repayment than the amount they save each month in their utility bills due to the energy efficiency upgrades.

The Energy Assessment Process

After the initial home energy assessment, California Energy Services will complete an energy report on your home. The report contains pertinent information on your home’s performance, a list of recommendations for improvements, a project cost quote, and an estimate for additional rebates available through PG&E.

Home Energy Efficiency Projects That Qualify

The Case For Upgrading Your Home Now

If you live in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, or the greater Sacramento area, your home may be wasting hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs. Reducing the amount of energy your home wastes each month can potentially make a big difference in your monthly energy bills as well as your family’s comfort.

How Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Works

  1. We’ll conduct an energy assessment on your home to determine the best energy upgrades for you.
  2. Together, we’ll develop an energy savings plan that fits your budget.
  3. We’ll work with you to help you get up to $,6500 to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

As a Home Upgrade Participating Contractor, California Energy Services is the right company to address your high energy bills! Check out our EUC FAQs to learn more.

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