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Are you experiencing home comfort or efficiency issues stemming from your heating system? California Energy Services is experienced in repairing all types of heating systems, from heat pumps and furnaces to the convenient mini split system. Our building science trained technicians expertly ensure to meet all of your heating repair needs as effectively as possible. And we happily service any manufacturer or brand!

Instantly Improve Your Family’s Indoor Comfort

Hear in the Foothills, keeping your home warm, cozy and comfortable during the cooler months can really be a challenge if your home’s heating system isn’t performing as it should. As experts in maintaining and repairing all types of heating systems, we can quickly diagnose any issues and present you with the best recommendations for your individual situation. We are happy to work with—and have experience with—all heating system manufacturers.

Further Benefits of Heating System Repair

From the moment you realize your heating system needs repair, it starts costing you money and comfort. Allowing problems to continue does a disservice, both to your home and to the overall life of the system. Heater repair experts recommend repairs as soon as possible to prevent further complications and maintain the benefits of a great heating system, which include:

Increase Home Efficiency

Even the best heating systems can’t operate at peak efficiency while in need of repair. Get your system back to tip-top shape and continue to enjoy your high-efficiency heating.

Lower Utility Bills

When a heating system isn’t working correctly, it works harder, and the extra time and energy required goes straight to your utility bills. Repair your furnace or heat pump today to keep your utility costs minimal.

Improve Air Quality

Wood and gas-fueled appliances create small, harmless amounts of Carbon Monoxide while in use. If the system is operating or ventilated improperly, however, the amount of dangerous Carbon Monoxide increases significantly, and can even become fatal. Get your furnace repaired as soon as possible if you suspect a problem.

Extend Life of Your Furnace

With a more efficiently running furnace or heating units, CES guarantees lower heating costs in repairs and installation services with an extended life to your furnace. Routine heater maintenance is recommended for your home or business before the cold, winter months when pipes are known to freeze and result in costly repairs and replacements.

Our team is courteous, experienced, honest, and attentive to the particular needs of your home. Call us today to schedule your heating system repair.


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