SMUD Energy Rebates

SMUD Energy Retrofit Rebates Your El Dorado Hills Home & in the greater Sacramento area.

SMUD Rebates Energy Retrofitting - El Dorado Hills

Consider an Energy Retrofit, Whole House Solution With The SMUD Home Performance Program (HPP) For Max Rebates and Savings

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Rebates offer up to $5,000 (or $8,000 if your home has electric heating) for whole-house energy retrofits performed by participating contractors. SMUD offers 6.99% APR financing for energy upgrade projects

Why Use Whole-House Energy Retrofits For Your Solar Project?

The SMUD Home Performance Program (HPP) partners with contractors who are trained in building science principles that focus on the house as one, interconnected system. Whole-house retrofits, performed by participating contractors, ensure that all of your home’s parts are working together for optimal efficiency.

How Does Whole-House Energy Retrofits Work To Lower Energy Bills?

Think of a building science trained contractor as a detective. We look for clues (drafts, uneven temps, moisture, mold, etc) that hint at problem areas. While the typical contractor might install a new AC system, a building science trained contractor will identify the many small issues that contribute to a house being too warm. An AC system may still be installed, but it will operate at a much lower cost. Whole-house energy retrofits ensure that energy is conserved, money is saved, and homeowners are happy.

As a SMUD HPP Contractor, California Energy Services is the right solar installation company to address and help lower your high energy bills.

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