Solar Products

Invest in Solar Energy System Products to Save Money & Energy Usage in the Greater Sacramento Area

At California Energy Services, we offer free consultations to homeowners interested in solar. Using the information you give us, we generate a Custom Solar Report. Your home’s Solar Report gives you insight into what to expect, including Resale Value, Payback Period, Environmental Impact Analysis, and Side-By-Side Comparisons of your electric bills, before and after solar.

As SolarWorld Partners, Expect High-Performance Efficiency Designed To Save Cost & Generate Decades Of Clean Renewable Energy For Your Home

Through a partnership with Solar World, CES brings you high-performance solar panels for your home.

  • USA Made – America’s solar leader, made in the US since 1975.
  • Quality – Expertly designed, cost-effective, and meticulously tested.
  • Value – Designed to create clean energy for at least 25 years.

Solar Efficiency With Enphase Microinverter Technology

Microinverters convert direct current from a single solar panel into electricity that is fed to the electrical grid.  Enphase Energy is the trusted microinverter option for all SolarWorld solar systems. Each inverter features unsurpassed reliability and power, generating more energy with each module than any other microinverter. Enphase products keep your solar power system consistently productive, reliable, smart, and safe – increasing the energy harvest by up to 25 percent.

Each microinverter comes with “Enlighten:” Enphase’s beloved and easy-to-use remote panel monitoring site. Enlighten allows solar owners to experience their solar through an engaging interface that displays energy production, system health, and environmental benefits.

Like us, Enphase’s vision is to make solar simple and energy smart. And CES is here to help. Read our Solar FAQs to learn more.

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