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Is A Whole House Fan Right for Me?

Whole House Fan CES Pro

Let’s face it: It’s not easy to get through our California summer without an AC on your side. At the same time, however, overuse of even the most efficient air conditioning units leads to high energy bills, especially during the heat of the summer months. One solution is to install a whole-house fan, which are approximately 90% more efficient than a traditional cooling system.

Is Air Conditioner Maintenance That Important?

Residents in the Foothills know that the hottest months of the year have already arrived. Most people living in California rely on their air conditioning units in order to ensure that they have the option to cool down when they need to. But what if your AC malfunctioned? It may not sound like the end of the world, but there are plenty of scenarios in which a broken air conditioner result a horrendously uncomfortable day!

7 Claw-some Reasons to Decorate with Your Cat

7 Claw-some Reasons to Decorate with Your Cat

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau (director, Orpheus). Cats are the beloved mascot of the internet. But what you didn’t know about these moody memes, is how paw-sitively inspiring they are as decorators.

Avoid a Costly Air Conditioning Breakdown this Summer

Air Conditioner Maintenance El Dorado Hills

While we may get a brief respite from the scorching heat this week, the forecast is calling for a another blast of 100 degree weather by the middle of next week with no rain in sight. This type of heat is the reality that we face all summer long. For those who live in homes with inadequate or under-performing air conditioning systems, it can be a very long and uncomfortable summer. 

“Blazing sunshine and hot” — is your AC ready?

Used In “Blazing sunshine and hot” — is your AC ready?

The heat in El Dorado Hills area is rising fast, is your air conditioner prepared? Regular maintenance with California Energy Services can ensure it will be.  Temperatures in the El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento area are rising, and broke 100 degrees last Monday and Tuesday. That kind of heat will be driving you indoors, where you’ll want to be able to relax in the cool air to get away from the sweltering sun. But will your air conditioner be up to the task?