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The Future of the Low Carbon Lifestyle — Part 2: Mini Split Heat Pumps

The Future of the Low Carbon Lifestyle — Part 2: Mini Split Heat Pumps

The next step in the low carbon lifestyle for your home is with energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, like mini split heat pumps. The home performance experts at California Energy Services explain why mini split heat pumps are a versatile heating and cooling solution in part two of this three part series.

What’s your Indoor Air Quality IQ?

What’s your Indoor Air Quality IQ?

This late summer season is a great time for homeowners in El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, Folsom, and beyond to start thinking about ways to improve home efficiency (aka “home performance”) as we make the transition into a new season. There are a lot of different elements that need to be taken into consideration when striving to improve home efficiency, some of which can actually affect the health of you and your family.

4 Reasons Why AC Maintenance is Key

The dog days of summer here in El Dorado Hills and the Foothills area have been taking their toll on home systems, especially air conditioning systems. AC wear and tear is not just a slow-building annoyance – it creates a set of risks that homeowners should consider. Here are 4 major reasons why AC maintenance is key.

Everything You Need to Know About Building Permits

Everything You Need to Know About Building Permits For Solar Installation For El Dorado Hills & The Greater Sacramento Area Home & Business Owners

When you get a great deal on something, especially when it comes to cars and HVACs, you’re naturally a little curious. How do you know if your contractor knows what they’re doing? Though often tedious, the permit process is a system of checks and balances for your home, providing you with peace of mind about the installation of new upgrades.

3 Reasons Why Insulation Matters Year-Round

Summer is in full swing in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento areas, and most homeowners don’t have insulation on the brain right now. Many believe that insulation is only used for keeping homes warm and toasty throughout the winter months, but that’s simply not true. The fact is, insulation matters year-round, whether it’s warm or cold outside. It’s a huge part of home performance and should never be overlooked, especially if you’re trying to keep conditioned air from escaping your home. 

5 Things You Need to Know About the Apple HomeKit

5 Things You Need to Know About the Apple HomeKit

Apple unveiled HomeKit at WWDC 2014. Devices this approved for HomeKit are finally hitting the market this month. Always one to elevate a product category, Apple has outdone themselves this time. Two weeks ago, Apple released the HomeKit: A complete set of “home automation” devices that when combined, become the brain of your home.

5 Benefits of Total Home Performance

For El Dorado Hills homeowners, keeping on top of home performance is usually easier said than done. Homes don’t exactly come along with owner’s manuals, after all. Knowing what to look for in terms of potential issues that might pop up is important, but is definitely a challenge. Your home is a complex system comprised of a number of different pieces, and if one goes out of whack, everything else gets affected.

Include An Energy Audit in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

As temperatures in El Dorado Hills and Sacramento continue to increase with each passing day, there’s no doubt that spring is in the air. With winter finally behind us, now’s the time to start thinking about doing a little spring cleaning. Despite what you may think, there’s more to spring cleaning than just wiping down the baseboards and giving the vacuum a little extra attention. For a truly fresh start, you owe it to yourself to conduct a home energy audit.