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PG&E Releases New Energy House Calls Video

Energy House Calls By PG&E - CES Pro - El Dorado Hills, CA

If you haven’t checked out the PG&E Energy House Calls website or YouTube channel, you should. This latest video introduces viewers to the Home Energy Checkup. This tool developed by PG&E helps customers find ways to increase their energy efficiency and lower their bills. This is a survey based energy audit that can help you come up with a game plan for your home. 

PG&E Launches New Home Upgrade Program

PG&E Launches New Home Upgrade Program

By working with California Energy Services, you can take advantage of Home Upgrade incentives by installing 3 or more measures from a flexible menu of options that will earn you points towards incentives and rebates.  The more points, the higher the incentives.  Your rebates and incentives depend on the total points you earn—up to $2,500 for 250 points.